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 Guild Rules ( Nosferatu )

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PostSubject: Guild Rules ( Nosferatu )   Guild Rules ( Nosferatu ) EmptySat Apr 30, 2011 5:19 am


1. - Respect -
All members are expected to remain respectful to all other members of the guild, the server, and players of WoW, in guild chat, in whispers and on the realm forums.

2. - Teamwork -
All members are expected to help one another at all times to achieve our common goals.

3. - Integrity -
All members are expected to conduct themselves with integrity.

4. - Common Sense -
All members and all officers shall tackle all issues with common sense in all actions. We foster a drama free environment, if you have any issues get in touch with any officer. If an officer isn’t immediately available, get in touch with another member of the core group.

5. bounce - Fun!!!! - bounce
No matter the content that we tackle, whatever trials and tribulations we face our ultimate goal is always to have fun.

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PostSubject: Re: Guild Rules ( Nosferatu )   Guild Rules ( Nosferatu ) EmptySat Apr 30, 2011 5:24 am


Schizophrenic is structured into the following ranks GM, Officers, Core, Raider, Member, Alts

- Member-
This rank denotes a player in the guild that does not raid, wish to raid, or has lost raiding privileges. This rank is used primarily for friends and family or for players that wish to remain a part of Schozophrenic, but can no longer commit to raiding requirements. This rank will also be used on the rare occasions when someone may still wish to raid but has failed to meet the raiding criteria outlined in the RaidPoints section.

- Raider -
Schizophrenic most common and important rank. A Schizophrenic Raider is what enables the guild to move forward, to achieve the progression goals we set, and to function viably throughout Cataclysm. Players at this rank are expected to uphold all principles of Schizophrenic and adhere to the RaidPoints criterion. A Raider is expected to be actively raiding, we do understand real life comes up from time to time, but the raiding rank is so that we can assess the current levels of our raid force and allow for the sudden alterations to a raiding schedule that real life brings. If you are unable to be actively raiding, moving to the Member level is possible until you are able to resume active raiding- upon which 6 raids will be used as trial

- Core -
The Core rank is to be used for Players that have demonstrated a strong raiding gameplay and continued commitment to Schizophrenic RaidPoints. In addition, and key to this rank, Core Players will make ALL raids scheduled for each raid week. Intermittent absences are understandable; they will be few and commonly months apart. Core players will be asked to act as points of reference for raid gameplay for other players and will assist their officers in the functionality of current class personnel in all matters of raiding. They are the NPCs of the guild. Lastly, to accept the Core position means a player is also willing to understand what the rank entails, and must be willing to self-demote upon the happenstance that they are unable to meet all of the rank’s responsibilities.

- Guild Master -
The Guild Master is responsible for setting the overall direction of the guild. The guild master can invite new members, has the power to kick members, and has the final say in all matters discussed by the officer core and the guild as a whole.

- Alt Policy -
All members of Schizophrenic and above are entitled to all level 85 alt’s, which will hold the same rank as their main, but the privilege and rank is associated with the main only.

- Account Sharing -
We do not allow toons played by multiple people. It is expected that it is you at the keyboard when your toon is online.
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Rules ( Nosferatu )   Guild Rules ( Nosferatu ) EmptySat Apr 30, 2011 5:28 am


- Raid basics -
All raiding players must install and run the following addons: a Raid Assist mod (readily available- ORA, CT Raid etc), DBM, EPGPLoot2, the current Threatmeter used by the guild, plus appropriate class addons.

- All raiding players must log into Ventrilo during the raid event. Vent discipline is important during encounters, during combat it is expected that comments be limited to dps calls, healing rotations, target changes and so on.

- Schizophrenic raid invites start at 19:20 server.

- Raid days are Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday - 19:30 - 23.00

- All members should be in front of the instance 15 minutes before raid time, fully equipped with flasks and food buffs.

- The raid leader has final say on all strategies, pulls, tanks etc, and may delegate certain assignments to be given to the class officers or other players. If you have suggestions please handle them appropriately via a whisper to your class officer or in your class type channel.

- Schizophrenic uses the EPGP loot system for 10 and 25 man instances. Common sense rules over all loot issues, i.e. tanks shall not roll on dps loot, dps shall not roll on tank loot.

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- Schizophrenic Raiding Philosophy -
We are a raiding guild. We are not a hardcore raiding guild or a casual raiding guild. We do foster an atmosphere of acceptance and comraderie that we understand draws people to this guild ... and keeps them here for a long time. It is this culture that we must balance with our raiding goals in order to keep Schizophrenic the singular guild of its type on Dragonmaw. This means we want to hold onto the players that may only be able to raid once a week- and allow those that can raid three times a week to see what content is available. IN conjuction with the mechanic changes instituted by Blizzard in CATA, the following points are how we will do that.

- POINT 1 - Raid eligibility -

- Core, Raiders are eligible to raid

- Read the boss strategy posted by the GM.
- Bring class appropriate consumables as listed by your the officers in your class forum
- Sign up from the 1st to the 30/31st for the raids you expect to make and would like to be considered for the following week.

- POINT 2 - Raid Signups -

- Schizophrenic uses a raid signup format in cataclysm to fill out raids for the coming raid week. Our raids will take place from Wednesday, Thursday, Mondays at 7:30pm server. IF that schedule needs to change, it will be addressed at such time when a change would benefit the guild.
- You must signup for the raids. If you do not, you cannot raid that week.
- You must only signup for the days that you know you can be at said raid.
- You may signup for only one day if that is all you can do.


- It may become necessary to rotate players based on schedule
- ALL RAIDERS ARE EXPECTED TO BE AWARE OF THEIR SCHEDULE and be willing to work out scheduling conflicts with others. This is to save on officer burnout in the guild, although the officers will do their best in scheduling/rotating.
- When you are placed in a raid for a day you signed up for, an invite will be sent to you via the in-game calendar in World of Warcraft. You will know your raids ahead of time.
- The invites will go out on the 1st day of each new month.

- POINT 3 - Raid Discipline -

Promotions and demotions will be made based on raiding. The scale is as follows:

Member - Raider - Core

Member does not raid. A member that wishes to begin/resume raiding must approach their class officer.

- If a raider demonstrates they can meet all of POINT 1 they will be promoted to Core after 6 weeks.
- If a player no longer meets one of the criteria in POINT 1, that player will be given 6 raids to fulfill that criteria. If at the end of the six raids that member has met that criteria they remain at the rank they were currently at. If they do not they will be placed to member and will have to confer with their class office to be considered for Raider once again.

The Consensus of the Officers (3 officers or more in agreement) Amendment

The criteria in POINT 1 is not affected by a Consensus of the Officers. A Consensus of the Officers (3 officers or more in agreement) must be reached in determining if a players actions, attitude, and or gameplay is proving to be detremental to the raid. If this is the case, that player will be given 2 raids on which to improve or will be demoted to member.

- Use of Wow Web Stats and Core player observations, and guild observations made to Core members will be used to advise the player who is being demoted.
- The goal is to improve the player.
- If placed on member status as a result of a Consensus, the player will remain at member for a minimum of 6 raids.
- The player will need to confer with the officer’s to be moved to Raider.
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Guild Rules ( Nosferatu )
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